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Welcome to the Dire Universe, home of the epic, grimdark fantasy starting with The Bearer of Secrets and continuing the bloody war epic in the gritty sequel Mark of the Profane. Everyone in Ermaeyth has the capacity for magic, but skill with a sword often wins the day.

The Demon’s Fate, a military sci-fi adventure, explores what happens when fantasy and sci-fi realms clash. How will humans react to meeting aliens? Will technology reign supreme against a power they cannot touch or control? Find out in this entry. 

The newest addition to the shared universe is The Dark Portal, a sci-fi horror novella. Set on an alien world, its people assume they’re alone in the universe. Professor Darrovan Wiev gets the chance of a lifetime to meet an extraterrestrial, but will it show him the mysteries of the universe or exact a price for its knowledge?

Coming late 2021: A book on creative writing. Flawed to the Core: Building Memorable Characters and Writing.

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