For Heathens of Heaven

I have failed you my dearest children,
No matter what I give: praise, blessings, or love,
It will never be enough.
If I could change the path of the setting sun,
Lay the treasures of the world at your feet,
It may please, but will never be enough.
You are my brightest star, my hopes, and dreams,
The center-most thread in the tapestry I weave,
Majestic, fine-spun, but falling short of enough.
I can only believe, hope, or conjure a vision,
that my love, my name, and words of acumen,
will keep you close and secreted; it isn’t enough, is it?
May my guidance be a shield, my embrace a comfort,
For all the failures I endured, may you find fruition.
May my dreams be your life, my aspirations your essence,
The highest peaks I reached, the lows of your existence.
My dearest children, know that I tried my best,
Life may be unkind, a caustic venom.
Be not afraid to try, to fail or succeed
I’ll be wishing you well, cheering your heroic feats.
It may not be enough, falling short of what I envisioned,
But you’ll always be my star, bright and uninhibited…
My piece of Heaven.


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