Bleeding Mercury I

Why can’t life give to me some magical fairy tale?
There’s sadness deep in me, it’ll stay for a spell
Like an un-chosen destiny, fate, please give me a dream.
Let me hold it for all to see, my simple pride appeased.
There’s a second that I can’t breathe, this life wasn’t for me.
And there’s so much to tell, flying closer, drawn to hell.
There’s so much for you to see if only you could believe.

I’m bleeding mercury.

There’s a rage inside of me screaming sadness let me be.
Fair winds and parting seas, to my own world I escape.
Is your faith instilled in me? There is something I must say.
Hear my words I pray you heed, it’s all I have inside of me.
Watch the coming of the setting sun or the rising of another one.
Don’t get tangled with fate’s ill will, be bold, and true, and real.
Let me show you for all the world to see, this is what life has for me.

I’m bleeding mercury.

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