The Zodiac Project: Leo

        I’ve lived the life spying under your door,
        It wasn’t for me, wasn’t something that I need.
        I could be wrong, but its time I fly,
        Cutting loose those ties and leaving it all behind.
        I’ll keep searching forever until I’ve had my fill,
        Even if it’s long-standing, I will still get my thrills.
        And now that I have you, I will always be with you.
        You’ll expand my mind, indulging me.

        I don’t know what you live for…

        There’s a light inside, ticking behind your eyes
        It’s eating you alive like a hunter eats its prey
        I feel that I would be burned alive with flames licking my skin
        But it isn’t me, but even I can see
        There’s something you never told me, something about you,
        My trust is breaking, my heart is slipping, too.
        You’re about to lose it all, the lion, the cub, and Sphinx.
        I’m facing the horizon to the west, vanishing into the sun

        I don’t know what you live for…

        I don’t know what you want, but I know it comes from me
        Deep inside this secret that can’t break me
        All the way to the ground like a bird from the sky
        It would ease my mind to know what lurks behind
        All along, I never noticed the tragedy of you
        The secrets kept inside bleeding out your youth
        But isn’t that what you wished for? Forgetting you?
        I just want to know what keeps pushing you … away?

        I don’t know what you live for…but it sure isn’t me.

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