The Name of the Wind–Book Review

I declare going in: I absolute detest first-person point-of-view books! Having disclosed my treacherous ways, this book genuinely gripped me, seamlessly switching from third-person point-of-view into first-person. I am also extremely picky about what authors I read as most bore me in the early stages with chalky, hastily-cobbled together words, more manufactured than artistic.

Rothfuss spins a splendid story, a rich tapestry of characters, strange, bizarre, and unexpected events, and immersive world. What unquestionably intrigued me is the character-driven story rather than plot-driven. By how smooth it reads, and the depth of his novel, you can tell he spent a lot of time perfecting his craft, writing out of passion than making a cash grab. I wish more authors wrote like Patrick, a slow burn that builds, layered, an ensemble if you will, with a more-than-satisfied conclusion.

The only downside to the book or the trilogy… is that the narrator is the main character, and you know he survives, but the untold story between is the intriguing part.

I do not compare one author’s writing to another as it seems tactless and unfair to both, but I will say that Rothfuss has caught my attention, and kept it–which is by far harder–and I will continue reading him until he retires. I rank him relatively high on my short list (Martin cough, cough). Hopefully, his retirement is a long time from now in a galaxy far, far away. Do you hear me, Mr. Rothfuss? You are not allowed to retire! I demand you keep writing to entertain me!

All jests aside, absorb the book, immerse yourself, and enjoy the slow burn. I will definitely be reading this book many times for years to come. I give it a 4.25 out of five.

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