There and Back Again, An Extended Absence

May I be the first to say, to those who read my blog, I’m sorry for my disappearance. My unfortunate absence took longer than expected. Life finds ways to derail you at times. In addition to finding a new career path, I’ve been forcing myself to write and edit on my current project and seek out the motivation to continue with this love of madness. The WIP is near completion now, so there is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and let me tell you, the darkness of this tunnel filled me with terrors–yes, that was a Game of Thrones play on words there.

Some of you may be asking, “why would you push yourself through something like that?” The simple truth is, I wanted to see what I would do. Each project brings a newness with the blinking cursor, an overwhelming zeal to write the next venture. I tackle each new affair with a fervor I cannot begin to describe, but the burning fire wans after a time. This is where the push comes in.

The other day, I mapped out where I would like to go and the next few years in regards to my writing projects. Usually, when I write something down, I stick to it. Making goals, both short and long-term, help provide the road map of where I want to go and keeps me on track. In a similar fashion to George Lucas and how he released Star Wars in May, I hope to publish books or writings within the month of my birth–March. So, my military sci-fi is the next publication. With the deadline approaching, I hope to make it.

In other thoughts, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube in the last two months. I always watch Bob Ross, we need more of his outlook in our lives. In the past, I avoided YouTube like the plague. As a standard, I hold a negative view of the medium, because of all the crap on there, but it is changing–my opinion, that is–and I am finding many gems within the boundless, digital universe. I’ve entertained the notion of making videos myself instead of typing out blogs. The learning curve to tackle such an undertaking would be tremendous. Perhaps I will do it later down the road. I’d like to keep my options open.

What I would enjoy is to write blogs that you as a reader would appreciate. What do you want to read about? I’ve got about fifteen or so years of writing experience, and I learned a lot either through trial and error or by listening to others and doing research. However, it means nothing if you aren’t excited about the subject matter.

Some upcoming blogs are beginning to take form in the Unknown Regions of my mind, primarily Star Wars. If you’ve read my book, or my about the author, then you know I’m a huge fan of the Legends content. At this point, since I was raised with SW as a child, it’s like a religion almost. I watched many videos on YouTube regarding Star Wars, Disney, Bob Iger, Rian Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy. Let me shout out to some of those channels, Odin’s Movie Blog, That Star Wars Girl, Geeks, and Gamers, Mike Zeroh, Beyond the Trailer, Left Foot Media, World Class Bullshitters, and Star Wars Theory, just to name a few. In my blog post, Sins of the Last Jedi, I hit on points of the movie, the writing, and the overall presentation. I wrote the essay–and that’s what it is–because I got tired of people always ask me what my opinion was and then having a lengthy discussion about it. I do have a lot to say about what is going on in the Star Wars universe right now, and much of it I don’t agree with. Politics and social movements aside, the galaxy a far, far away needs a lot of help. I predict Episode IX will be dead on arrival, and Disney cannot blame anyone except themselves.

So, let me hear your thoughts. Hopefully, I can come around more often and share tidbits, insight, opinions, and the love of writing with you.

And as always, if you enjoyed this content or you’re an avid, epic fantasy reader, check out my book, The Bearer of Secrets, on Amazon. It’s available on Kindle Unlimited, eBook, and print.

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