Day One–Hawaii

This will be a short entry. TLDR: I got a new career and relocated to Hawaii from Okinawa, Japan. I will miss many people from there, and I can only hope they will pine for me as much, but times must change, and so must I. 

Taking off on a new career path and picking up and moving sounds epic when you aren’t the one doing the heavy lifting. It’s heart-wrenching, saying farewell to folks you love and cherish and saying goodbye to the newest faces to come into your life. Here’s looking at you OMCW and all the latest members!

I had a delayed departure from Naha and almost missed my Osaka connection. They called final boarding as I was going through immigration. A paltry seven-hour flight later, and I am on another island but within the United States. I haven’t lived in my home country since 2004. 

I got my luggage, hoped a shuttle, retrieved my rental, navigated to the hotel, traipsed down the road for a new cell phone, crashed for two hours, surfed for apartments to rent, and ate some Ninja Sushi. What will tomorrow bring?

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