Day Two–Hawaii

A little late for an entry, but I was wiped out yesterday and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I viewed some apartments, and while impressed with some aspects, others left me worried. Who sells an apartment for a family but one parking slot? The elevator jarred everytime it moved and sank so fast my stomach turned queasy. Do I want to ride that every day to the twelfth floor? The other apartment was just straight up false advertisement. 

I took a journey through downtown Honolulu today. That was interesting. Beautiful, crowded, traffic was … not terrible, but a character building moment for my patience. Anyways, I followed the mapping system, taking me to an address so I could test drive a car. I could bring myself to like the vehicle. Further, the owner confided that he had been using it as an Uber and racked up 250+ miles a day. Do I really want a car with that much wear and tear? Maybe I am picky, but if those warning signs are present upon the first inspection, how many will turn to red flags just a few weeks down the road. I really don’t want to regret any decisions–an impossible feat, I know. 

You know, maybe it’s just the area that I am staying in for my initial week, but I was beginning to think that Hawaii was vastly overrated. I took a drive to find out where I would be working, you know, to recon. I saw some quite lovely homes and cars on the way, also saw some terrible ones, too. I didn’t see anything that took my breath away. However, on the way back, coming down from the hilly area, I looked out, and that’s when I saw the picturesque scene that we are all so familiar with. It was then that I admitted to myself that maybe Hawaii wasn’t overrated. 

So, that night, I crashed at 2000 (8 p.m. for all you civvies), but by midnight, I was awake. I tossed and turned for two hours, trying to lull myself back into sleep with intermittent reading. Didn’t work. With a sigh, I rolled out of bed and started scrolling craigslist, looking for apartments and used cars, taking names, numbers, makes and models and addresses down. I’m sure they’d be pissed if I called at four in the morning. I think it’s time I brewed some coffee. 

Hopefully day three is more productive.

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