Day Three–Hawaii

This will really short as it is long after the fact. A little late after the day occurred, but I will get to the reason why in a later post. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to get people to answer phone calls and emails in Hawaii, but it is. I inquired about so many properties/cars over the last 48 hours and I heard back from about 5-10% of them. Talk about bad customer service and reputation for business. Checked out another apartment today. The lady was quite nice and the apartment was okay. It wasn’t great but not terrible. I could see myself living there but only after some serious elbow grease. That’s another thing, the place should have been a lot cleaner before showing. Oh well. A little dirt never killed anyone, but I don’t understand how leaves got into the dishwasher. Side note: my wrist is hurting, but I don’t know from what.

I get a call back for an apartment, jot down the address, and bolt on over. Seventh floor and the walkway is open to the elements. Parking is in a huge lot and my two stalls are the furthest from the door. Not ideal, but not a deal breaker. Yeah, it had a pool but 95% of all complexes do. In fact, in the future, just assume all of them do unless I say otherwise. Get inside, small kitchen but very doable. I’ve had a Japanese kitchen for 13 years, so a small American kitchen is a regular size in Okinawa. Fairly new appliances, so double check. Big dining and living area. The half bath is small but expected, and the main bathroom tub shows a lot of wear and tear but not a deal breaker. Just an eyesore really. Bedrooms are smaller than I’d like and the closet space is nonexistent. Those hurt its chances. Oh, and there’s no A/C, but the worker showed me the design of the apartment and how it was meant to allow for air flow. To be honest, it was awesome and an A/C wasn’t needed … at that moment. What about late at night when you’ve got to close the front door and not rely on the screen? All this coupled with location and price, I’d be will to concede on a few issues but it’s not my first choice.

I email about another property once I’m back at the hotel and holy shit!–I got a response. They have a showing and it’s in a few hours. I put my name down to confirm and then go back to surfing for cars. I found a Ford Focus and schedule to go look at it tonight with my dad once he flies in. I go to the viewing. I am not the only one there for the apartment. It’s a gated community in a woodsy area, and the country boy in me is liking it already. There aren’t any highrises to be seen anywhere, and it’s closer to work. Two bedrooms, two baths, and new appliances, all within 3 years. Price is quite high, at least on the website. I learn from the lady there that the owner dropped a hundred off the asking price. I snap photos, shoot a video, and send them to the wife. She was the least enthusiastic about this place when I told her about it. After the photos and vids, she tells me to get the place because the kids would love it. The second bedroom, which would be theirs, is upstairs and is a loft area. So, it will be kind of an adventure for them. And they get their very own bathroom, so yay for not sharing with their uncool parental-units. I grab an application and I tell the lady I need to move in ASAP because I have work on Monday and I am out of time. It’s Thursday now, mind you. She says that’s virtually impossible because it takes 2-3 business days, but she’ll try. I fill it out, pay the fee, and turn it in. 

I spend the last night alone in the hotel. Tomorrow, my dad flies in.

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