Day Five and beyond–Hawaii

The next day proved to be taxing, productive, and painful. We roamed all over O’ahu, and the trips were about ten to fifteen miles a piece. May not sound like much, but you’ve apparently never driven in Hawaii.  Five miles can take 20 – 30 minutes.

My wrist hurt even more, and I was in such pain I almost requested my dad to take me to the ER. After a few calls to a client of his, the man diagnosed me over the phone with a Grade 2 sprain and possibly borderline 3. After telling us how to treat it, I took to following the edicts as much as possible. The client said that if it wasn’t better after a week to go to the doctor. By the end of the day, it was already getting better. To make sure I didn’t hurt it worse, my dad made a sling for me, and I refrained from using my left hand. Anyways, thank God for being right-handed and for clients and contacts.

My dad and I headed out at 0600 without eating breakfast. We figured we’d get some once the paperwork was signed. Reaching the rental office, I realized I forgot the money order for the security deposit and everything. Good thing we left early! So, we doubled back, picked it up, and headed back out. So, there was three back and forths before 0800 on Friday. We sign the paperwork and then head out to inspect the apartment before taking the keys. Trip four.

The apartment inspection took longer than anticipated, but once complete, I test drove a car there at the complex. The seller came to us. Afterward, we drove to meet a man about a couch in Waikiki–the fifth trip. I didn’t feel like shelling out $800 for the couch and love seat, so we passed, but he had a bed I was interested in, just not at the same place. Both of us were hungry, but we had to meet a man about another vehicle. Trip six would take us there.

Arriving at the dealership, we met the seller and test drove it. Only being there for less than an hour really didn’t give us enough time, but we had to go see a man about a bed. The seventh trip took us to the storage unit where he had many beds. He let me take the pick. This man’s occupation was that of an apartment stager for rental properties. He’d set up, and they’d come in and take pictures, then he would tear down. Anyways, the bed was like brand new and never slept in. I picked up a king, the box springs, the frame, and delivery for $450. Not too shabby.

Still, without breakfast or lunch, we traipse the seventh time back to the dealership and start talking about the car. I end up getting it. An older car but only 67K in miles. Inside was in pristine condition, and it was a Toyota to boot. 

The eighth trip brought us back to the apartment to receive the bed. After a few moments, the bed was inside, and the delivery guy had left. The ninth and final trip of the day brought us back to the hotel area where we finally got to eat. 

On Saturday, we drove to a garage sale near K-bay. I picked up a dining table at one location, and a chest of drawers at another. When I inspected the drawers and turned around, I saw a painting I recognized. I am not an art aficionado by any means, but it was Everett’s Cottage by Thomas Kinkade. The only reason I know of him was that my mother–who was also an oil painter–had a fondness for him. It wasn’t an original but a print and on a massive 18×24 with a gold frame. Alas, I bought that too. New home needs some color. 

On Sunday, we went to North Shore. Monday I started work, and my dad went golfing. I saw my dad off on Thursday morning before I went to work. He’s back home now, and I am spending my first weekend alone in Hawaii. Don’t know whether to be lonely or relieved or excited. More to come, just don’t know when.

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