Songs Left Unsung

Did you know that I loved you, even though I didn’t say?
Could you see the shine in my eyes, a silent way to praise?
Did you think me tragic when shame made me abstain?
Sometimes I think the world just burns and rages on for days.
Can you keep a secret, never to tell a soul?
I want to share my troubles, my angst, and my woes.
You were the lyric on my heart, a song born of art.
A rhythm that no one knows, a tune that never grows old.
My heartstrings hum like the plucking of a harp,
A sweet melody rings with a touch of melancholy,
But the distance and time has robbed the resonant toll,
And I’m beginning to find that I’ve abandoned all hope
I wanted to say we must never be apart,
But you’ve moved on, and you’ve cut out my heart,
Didn’t I tell you it’s tragic, like a Greek odyssey?
I wanted to foster this love, but you have forsaken me.
With open arms, I’d welcome you back,
In a flash, an instant, with no questions asked.
Can you tickle my fancy just one more time, dear?
I need you in my life to make my insanity clear.
You’re a breath of fresh air, the oxygen in my lungs,
You’re my protector in the songs left unsung.
I need you to come back so I can right the ship,
You are the soothing balm for this incurable itch,
I am starting to hate you for leaving me this way,
Creativity, why are you such a pain?
I need to write the tomes that tumble through my head,
And you need to help me and not make me beg.
There’s a tightness in my chest, a heat like the flames,
Is the world burning or is it my angst?
But I did love you, even though I didn’t say,
The shine in my eyes was the way I praised.
Maybe it was the glare of the laptop’s glow,
But the pages I wrote for you … you must surely know.
So come back, and let the past be the past,
All will be forgiven if you help make this last,
I have books to write and stories to tell,
Let’s rekindle that song that we know so well.

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