The Demon’s Fate–Going Live in 10 Days!

It’s taken 16 months, but the day has finally arrived! The Demon’s Fate is going live on March 31st, and I am ecstatic to share it with you! The book will be available in paperback and ebook, appeasing both traditional and e-reader lovers. Sign up for the pre-sale on Amazon! Unfortunately, the paperback does not have a pre-sale, a function lacking on the site, but it will be available around the same time. For those who want both, if you purchase a paperback, you can pick up an e-book for $0.99.

Back Blurb for The Demon’s Fate:

A crew wakes up to find an alien artifact on their spaceship. They don’t remember how it got there or what happened to their missing member. Piecing together the mystery leads to a moral dilemma that might tear them apart. Will they risk life and safety for someone they don’t remember, or will the trappings of comfort keep them on their course home? 

The Demon’s Fate:

Andrea Hessner leads a group of five with dynamic and clashing personalities. They are thousands of lightyears from home, a voyage intended to take years, but their trip was cut short when they fled an unidentified planet. What chased them away? Was it a technologically superior alien race or something far more sinister? Why can’t they remember what happened, and how did all the recordings of their excursion become inaccessible? With everyone looking to place blame, Andrea must act to save her crew and the ship before all is lost. 

The Bearer of Secrets

For those unfamiliar with my work, my first publishing was an epic, grimdark fantasy set in the world of Ermaeyth. With the customary setting of the genre, the story takes a wicked twist, and you find that not all heroes are honorable, and not all villains are without principles. Good is a point of view, and every individual is the hero of their own story, but what happens when the protagonist is neither? Bloodlusters, monsters, and loose cannons await you in this gripping tale of war, clashing ideologies, and the anti-heroine caught between.  

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