Writing Update–Vol. II: Selecting a Title

Here we are, back again. Who would’ve thought so soon? I think I like this short blog method of posting writing updates. I’ll have to thank Brandon Sanderson if I ever see him. I keep calling the book Vol. II because my working title is no longer the one I will likely choose, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I’ve whittled down the word count another 5k, so, we’re under 290,000 words. I keep chopping at this tree, but I don’t think it’ll ever topple over. I guess if it did, we wouldn’t have a story. I’m in the teens regarding the number of chapters I’ve combed through. Today, I burned through five of them and stumbled across a segment that I cut outright, a huge chunk of 2,000 words. The segment in question gave a lot of answers to readers, and showed great character depth, but did nothing to advance the plot. So, alas, it had to go. I saved it, of course, and may pull from the section in the future, but it won’t be printed in book two.

On to the title. This is harder than I thought possible. I have titles for all the books I have written or plan to write, except this one. The original title wound close with a part that is no longer prevalent with the subsequent rewrites. For those of you who read my books, I’ll provide a list below and would love to hear your opinion. 

Possible titles for Vol. II:

The Second Wizard’s War
Dark Lord Rising
The Darkness Within
Mark of the Profane
The Black Tide
A Settling of Debts

Well, I’m off again. Headed back to a fantasy world in a galaxy far, far away…

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