Writing Update–Vol. II: Enter Terminus

It’s been a little while since my last update, but I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t the time. I have reached the home stretch, the endgame, the capper of Vol. II’s word cut/final readthrough. I’ve whittled it down to 264,000 words. I’m up against the clock and the wall on this one. I’ve got eleven more chapters to complete, but these are the ones I worry over the most. I may have to do some rewriting. We’ll see what kind of mess I’m dealing with when I get there.

Vol. II Title: I still don’t have one. I had a long list, but still no promising suitor for the title. I’ve narrowed it down to a few:

  1. Shadowcaster
  2. Mark of the Profane
  3. Usurper
  4. Oathbreaker

I’ll be quite honest, I really do love the title of Usurper–which could mean a number of things within the plot–and it fits in many ways. Oathbreaker is also something that can mirror the main plot and subplot. But given the title of my first book, The Bearer of Secrets, and the title for the next book, which is already selected, Mark of the Profane seems to fit better. What are your thoughts? Which calls out to you?

The Dark Portal–horror novella–is awaiting funds to send to the editor. I plan on going in and tweaking a thing or two, but otherwise, it’s done.

Vol. III–Currently in limbo while I’m cutting swaths through book II.

Other projects/ ideas: I’m kicking several ideas around. Whether they manifest into novels, novellas, or serialized short stories, who knows. I’m toying with some thoughts on a sequel to a particular sci-fi galaxy far away. The great thing about writing in a shared universe is tying all your work together. It’s the drawback, too.


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2 thoughts on “Writing Update–Vol. II: Enter Terminus

  1. Thank you kindly, David. I hope you are able to blow the digital dust off some of your works, too. Now’s a great time when we’re all on lockdown.


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