Down Time: The Demon’s Fate Sequel

Here we are again. In the mad scrambled to prepare Vol. 2 for the editor, all other projects had dropped to the wayside. Now that it’s finished–though awaiting funding–I’ve been sifting through different projects. One story caught my eye: The Demon’s Fate. True, it’s already published, but it got me thinking about a sequel. While the story has a finality to it, I did leave a sliver of an opening should I chose to pursue a sequel. So, in the downtime, I’ve started kicking around ideas. I’m not saying this is my next major project, but it is something in the beginning stages of exploration.

Speaking of exploration, I’ve quickly discovered there’s a stark difference between the first novel world-building and the second. In the first novel, if you think about it, there is very little fleshing out, just enough for you to get an idea of what’s going on. There are positives and negatives to this, and the negative aspect is what I am exploring now while I’m kicking around ideas.

The positive, without hard rules set in place, is the wiggle room it gives you in subsequent stories. Further, it lets the reader fill in the blanks. Moreover, there’s an element to the storytelling that takes for granted that you should know some things about the sci-fi genre. After all, who’s a stranger to science fiction nowadays? With the premise that no one has their most recent memories, you learn as the characters learn, and it takes away the need to world build. It is a quick read, as it’s plot-driven, unlike my other stories that are character-centric.

The negative to all this is the lack of rules that weaves the first book together. Now, in a sequel picking up a new set of characters, all of this must be explained and presented without boring the reader. Since I’m dealing with a completely different set of circumstances, it’s almost like writing a brand new novel all over again, but picking up the threads of where the last story left off.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing recently, contemplating ideas for a sequel. There are other avenues I’m mulling over, and I’ll be posting about it soon, primarily my main fantasy series. Until next time…

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