YA Sucks: Change My Mind.

This is an offshoot from another post I’m working on. I meant to clarify my reasons within the post, but it sort of carried the topic away and became about YA instead of critiquing. Stay tuned for that one.

So, here is a short list of why I dislike the genre. This isn’t all-encompassing. Yes, there are a few gems within the genre.

  1. Authors typically write down to their audience as if they are dumb.
  2. Authors typically have terrible prose, or little effort is put into good writing. Here, art is sacrificed for angsty teen drama.
  3. Girl ALWAYS gets the guy and vice versa (Sarah J Maas) or unrealistic love triangle–Here’s looking at you Bella.  
  4. Cannot fully explore thematic elements due to age restriction.
  5. Low self-esteem POV from a character who thinks they are near-worthless, yet somehow secretly beautiful and they just can’t see it.
  6. Unrealistic objectification upon person, place, or thing. Unrealistic outlook on life.
  7. Straw-man plot that can easily negate the entire book by two characters just talking.
  8. Cheesy, badly written romance. Superficial, unrealistic friendships with little to no depth.
  9. Constantly blurring the lines between YA and adult audience–which is a disgrace. If you want to write sex, write for an adult audience. 
  10. Generally happy endings.
  11. Lastly, I’ve already lived the teen life: I was dumb–truly moronic in my limited capacity to think and see how life really worked; I hated the world, my life, and my parents; I was awkward, and full of piss and vinegar. Why would I want to relive that segment of my life repeatedly? Why should I let those few awkward years define me? Why do I want to perpetuate my misery by allowing myself to be sucked into a novel with a protagonist half my current age? I’ve done it, don’t need to slog through it again. I digress…

Well, that is a very short and shallow list of why I dislike the genre. Maybe one day I will go through it again and more in depth, but I doubt it. I’m not one to waste time on a lost cause. Until next time.

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