Checking In–Returning From a Dark Place

Since The Dark Portal went live on July 31st, my late mother’s birthday, I’ve been rather absent online. In fact, before that, I wasn’t present. The book was set for an auto-release. At a low point, I’ve deleted my Instagram accounts, my Facebook pages, and my personal Twitter account.

For those precious few who read my blog, I’ve been in a dark place, the darkest of my life. I won’t be getting into it here, at least, not now. I have a lot to say about it, but I’ll sum it up.

People are flawed and mistakes happen. It’s not right to render summary judgment based on one mistake. A favorite Bible quote comes to mind: “Ye without sin cast the first stone.” I rather like that saying, and I try to remember for my own life. Further, if you’ve stated or promised all along you want clear, concise communication, don’t walk back on it when it’s inconvenient. Pushing someone to their lowest point and abandoning them–when you put them there–is calloused, cowardly, and cruel.

That’s the gist. But more importantly, if you love someone in any capacity, you don’t treat them like shit. You don’t give up on them, and certainly not after you’re partially to blame.

I’m moving on. My sweet neighbor, Audrey, Saki–a friend of mine, and Tristan have reached out to me and lifted me up. There’s kindness in the world, I’m just not used to seeing it or being a recipient of it.

On another note, I’m now in the self-editing stage of another book, a self-help for writers, but details are for another post.

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