Coming Soon–Volume II

My first book, The Bearer of Secrets, was published in late 2017. As my first novel, an epic, grimdark fantasy, which is considerable in size, was a daunting task. Since then, I’ve gone on to publish other works and establish the shared Dire Universe. From folks I know to the reviews I’ve read, one thing keeps circling back, when are we getting Volume II?

Well, the time has come. 

Good news for anyone who’s read my first book and hoped for the sequel, it’s going to the editor by the end of the week. Apparently, Uncle Sam never received my initial tax filing, so I resubmitted. With funding available, I can get the book edited.

Back in Feburary to April time frame, I went through Volume II and did a massive self-edit. I followed my second rule of writing, to whittle, chisel, and sculpt, and I took a scapel to it. From the original, first draft word count of 329,000, I’ve cut it down to 246,566. It’s closer in length to the first novel, but longer.

The original title was meant to be Shadowcasters, a magical ability that some can use. Subsequent rewrites and editing have lessened this aspect of the plot to something muddled in the background. A new title is needed.

Enter the three titles that made it to the final round: Dark Lord Rising, Usurper, and Mark of the Profane. I like each in their own way.

Dark Lord Rising is fitting because not only is it referring to the antagonist, but the morally-gray, anti-hero protagonist turning to a darker path. It’s a title that could be used for both.

Usurper is another title that can fit many characters and have numerous meanings. Many plotlines center around some usurption of authority or power, from minor squibbles over smaller roles to those of more significance. Further, it’s simple, pointed, and powerful. 

Mark of the Profane is the last entry, and it took me a while to warm to it. This is a small plot element in this book but significant in subsequent novels. Further, it peers deeper into the culture of the Krey, my bloodlusting beserkers, who many have said they are a favorite.

So, I’ve decided on a title. Though Usurper is my favorite, Mark of the Profane will be the title of the second novel. It mirrors the first novel in length of words, and matches nicely with the third and fourth book titles.

That’s all for this post. I may be writing a few more in the coming days or weeks on various topics. I shall return…

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