Flawed to the Core: Creating Memorable Characters and Writing

With 2020 winding down and nearing my sequel’s release to The Bearer of Secrets, I’m glancing ahead to 2021. Next year, like this one, will have two book releases. One is the third installment to the Dark Legacy series, and the other is a book on writing.

With so many books on the craft, you might ask why I’d release another into the wild. To be frank, I never thought to do one, but it’s been hinted to me over the years by a few people. The latest person hounded me about it until I agreed just to shut her up. I, of course, say that with amity.

I’ve read a book or two on writing, one for dummies, and the other by a writer revered at the highest levels in the penning world. Neither was a knockout, either by lacking substance or just overrated. True, I did take a few things away from those books, and while that’s the goal, both fell flat on delivery.

So, what makes my book better or different? For starters, it’s written by a pantser for pantsers. True, others can learn a thing or two within, but it speaks to pantsers on a level that most books lack. Yes, it covers elements you can scope on the internet like enneagrams. Still, I also cover how I build my characters–something I think unique, provides a template, establishes writing rules, and delves into the realm of self-editing. There are other elements, such as self and story preparation, world-building, and story structure. Each gives a foundation, building off the last until you have a well-polished manuscript. Moreover, I don’t pull punches. There are hard truths within, but you’ll also find kernels of enlightenment and motivation along the way.

All said, expect this book release in the early part of 2021, both in ebook and physical copy.

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