Latest Project: THOLAC

It’s almost been a month since I’ve written a blog. I’m not the greatest at keeping up with it, and for the handful of people who do come visiting, I thank you, and I’m sorry.

I’ve kept busy in all aspects of my life, and there are few precious hours in the day. I have been spending more time in the world of Atar for The House of Lust and Candor (THOLAC). I’m nearing the first third of the book’s completion.

The original idea of bounty hunters has been expanded to a more globular aspect. New characters were introduced to give the novel a more rounded feel instead of a straight-shot linear approach. As with all my writings, I get ideas as I’m doing things around the house, and I go write them down and find where to slip them in. My notes section is filling up. The cast is filling up with four main characters, two side characters, and a plethora of one-shot or minor appearances. They may get fleshed out more as the story goes or reinserted later.

How does this connect with the Dire Universe? The magic system. I’ve decided to tether all my stories through magic if not direct tie in with characters and events. I’ll reveal more as time goes on, but it could be well into 2022 before this novel reaches the public eye.

I’m working on other things in the world of writing: finishing up the final self-edits for Volume III, started editing Volume IV, still brainstorming for The Demon’s Fate sequel, and finishing the final touches on my book on writing. I also hope to release this in 2021.

That’s it for this round, short and sweet. I shall return…

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    • Thanks. Hope you are thriving over in your part of the world. Did you participate in NaNo this year or skip? How’s the writing coming?


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