Volume IV: Editing Update

Let’s dive right in. Editing is a grueling process, and I have long procrastinated touching volume IV of my main fantasy series. Firstly, it’s enormous, capping out at 402,000 words. I remember writing it, and I got to a point where I said, “I’m tired of writing this.” So, I cut it a handful of chapters short, wrote the epilogues, and called it a day. That was almost five years ago.

Secondly, I knew it’d require a lot of work. While my story is sound, the writing prose is solid in its meandering path. Meaning? I overwrote a lot, and sometimes I got carried away with sentence length. So, I’m diligently cutting where I can, and often, I’m rewriting whole chapters from scratch. That said, I’ve made headway, though I’m burning out. I have a feeling it’ll be some time before I go back through with a fine-tooth comb.

Where we’re at: I’ve completed 33 of the 61 chapters and 4 of the 9 epilogues. My word count has dropped from 402k to 371k. I’d very much like to get that to the 325k range, but I don’t think I’ll make it. I haven’t stumbled over too many passages that were atrocious or repetitive that I had to use a broad eraser. Surprisingly, there is less sex to cut out, and I’ve rewritten many of those passages to be more morsel bits than slogs.

That said, I’ve changed a significant character’s arc in the rewrite, more to match changes in the preceding book alterations. Plus, I didn’t like where it ended up. There are a few things that took me by surprise that I’d forgotten about, so I can’t wait for you to reach those points.

Overall series recap: Volume II is going to the editor next month; III is ready for a subsequent year release minus the editing phase; IV to hopefully be released by 2023. Volume V is 75% written on the first draft, but it’s a shorter book than all the others; VI is sitting at 40% completion. Still to be determined if I write seven or nine volumes. Maybe we’ll call it even in the middle of those two? 

That’s it for this round, short and sweet. I shall return…

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