Writing Update | Here & There & Back Again

I have returned. It’s been a while since my last post, but to be fair, this really isn’t a blog, not with so few people reading it. Feels more like a tweet lost in the aether, or a book review gone unread in the countless sea of glowing recommendations on Goodreads. A lot happened in my absence. I moved and started something new, I was neck deep in a rewrite of Volume IV, I had to navigate closed doors and open new ones in my personal life, edited volume II, and I’ve been busy in my writing group. Now, all I have to do is file my taxes and launch Volume II.

Recapping Volume IV: I wrote this tome 5+ years ago. I hadn’t touched it since. 2021 seemed like a good time to wade into it. With a grand total of 402k words, I knew it needed a scalpel. I set a goal of whittling it down into 325k words, but missed the mark, ending with just under 331k. Still, a 70k word cut isn’t anything to laugh at. I got rid of the clunky prose, cleaned up storylines, changed a pivotal point in a character’s storyline, and reigned in the excessive details with tighter, more streamlined sentences. Now, it just needs a few more rewrites and edits…

In other news, THOLAC will now come back to the forefront, and I’ll finish the story off. I’m currently sitting at 101k words and hoped to have it wrapped up by 130k. Fingers crossed. I think I might submit it to a writing contest this year, then to an agent. We’ll see. 

That’s it for this round, short and sweet. I shall return…

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