Incoming Author Review: Terry Goodkind

…And I’m back! This will be short, so let’s dive right in.

A long time ago, in a life far, far away, I was introduced to the Fantasy genre. Terry Goodkind was the third author I read, and I will admit, at the time, I enjoyed the Sword of Truth series (first 12 books) immensely, though I did have some issues with it.

Now that I’m rereading/listening to the series (a decade and a half later), my opinion has changed. I’ve stayed away from doing author reviews for the most part because they’re subjective, just like star reviews on a book. What may be five stars to you is only a two for me. That said, once I’m done with my reread, I will be reviewing the author Terry Goodkind. Like everything I do, it will be bold, blatant, and without fluff—for good or ill.

Stay tuned…

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