A Slight Reprieve

I took some time off of writing and work to visit my kids in Japan for 10 days. It was just what I needed, to get away from work and the juggling of multiple writing projects. I went camping with the little ones, cooked over the fire, played miniature golf, went bowling, ate sushi, soba, and authentic mom & pop shop food. Now that I’ve been away for so long,  I see this country in a different light, more romanticized than before. I guess when you are stuck in the mire for long enough, everything seems mundane. Hawaii had the same effect, the honeymoon phase, then came the slog.

While I enjoyed my time here, I’d never want to return to live. Visits are okay, extended periods even, but … that ship has sailed. Soon, my fleeting time with my young ones will come to an end, and I’ll be headed back. I hope I made a lot of great memories for them, having fun times, lots of laughs, and getting to talk me into almost everything. Yeah, even renting a golf cart to putt around in. I doubt a fleeting week of good memories is enough to erase the time I’m not here, but damn, I intend to make it the best damn week until the next time I visit.

Until next time…

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